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pimento cheese

Gougères with Pimento Cheese

For your Kwanzaa celebration or any other holiday you’re hosting, add this homemade Pimento Cheese to your appetizer board to impress and delight your guests. Pimento cheese is a southern classic and it’s especially delicious when paired with crostini, or for this recipe, French cheese puffs. Both the pimento cheese and the cheese puffs can be made days in advance and then assembled right before guests arrive for easy entertaining. For a celebration with fabulous flavor, serve with a glass of California Chardonnay or California sparkling wine. View recipe →

Peach Frosé Popsicle

A Sensational California Peach Frosé Popsicle and Cocktail

Did you know that the Popsicle was invented in Oakland in 1905? Frank Epperson invented this frozen dessert sensation over 115 years ago, but it still reigns supreme today. Our Peach Frosé Popsicles are a refreshing blend of canned California cling peaches, peach nectar, and California Rosé frozen into Popsicle form. We like to think Frank would approve! Frosé Popsicles are great by themselves or can be served as a delightfully playful peach garnish when served in a wine glass with sparkling wine from California. As the Popsicles melt, the flavors mix and mingle with the sparkling wine creating a truly sensational cocktail experience. View recipe →

animal style fries

Do You Like Your Fries Animal Style At In-N-Out? Now Make Them At Home

Do you like your fries "Animal Style" at In-N-Out? Now you can make Animal Style fries at home! In 1948 Harry Snyder introduced California's first drive-thru hamburger stand, In-N-Out, and it has been a staple in California culture ever since! If you are longing for the ultimate fast food fix, we suggest recreating In-N-Out's famous Animal Style Fries at home for yourself. The combination of crispy fries, melted cheese, caramelized onions and secret sauce is pure indulgence at its finest and a perfect pairing for California Sparkling wine or a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. View recipe →