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San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge rises to greet you at the top of our Central Coast. Over the course of the next 500 kilometers (300 miles), the weather transitions from moody to mild, which makes for excellent diversity in both wine and surf. Grapes here are among the oldest in the state, planted by Franciscan monks as they made their way north on El Camino Real (“the royal road”, now Highway 101) in the late 1700s.
Central Coast of California

Central Coast Wineries

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Events in Central Coast

ROAR Block Party (Virtual), Monterey

Four pioneers of California Pinot Noir discuss the beginnings of ROAR Wines & Vineyards.

Cost: Free Registration

Address & Location:, Online Experience, Monterey, CA

Phone: (831) 675-1681



Details: Join Gary Franscioni for a special roundtable event featuring Pinot Noir titans Chuck Wagner, Michael Browne & Adam Lee. This one hour discussion will dive deep into the stories that have bonded them and explore wine paradigms that have shaped California Pinot Noir to become the world renowned wine that it is today.